Exposición The Metropolis in Latin America, 1830-1930. Getty Research Institute

Inauguración de la exposición THE METROPOLIS IN LATIN AMERICA, 1830-1930, de cuyo comité asesor forma parte el profesor del programa Arturo Almandoz a través del Getty Research Institute (GRI), Los Ángeles.


La exposición estará abierta desde el próximo 16 de septiembre hasta enero 7, 2018.

«The exhibition presents the colonial city as a terrain shaped by Spanish Imperial urban regulations, and the republican city as an arena of negotiation of previously imposed and newly imported models, later challenged by waves of indigenous revivals. Photographs, prints, plans, and maps from the Getty Research Institute’s collections depict the urban impact of key societal and economic transformations, including the emergence of a bourgeois elite, extensive infrastructure projects, rapid industrialization and